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Lat. is the union of three partners experienced in massive consumption, retailing, supermarkets, production, imports, and exports, acquired in Argentine and multinational companies of the highest levels.

Our aim is to redirect our contact net towards a massive export project. We hold as a rule that Argentina is the producer and the rest of the world its market.

Lat's Total Quality
Total quality not only in our services but also in our organization, search system of suppliers and new clients and our logistic. Total quality applied to innovation and the continuous improvement of our standards.

Contact Network
Each one of Lat's partners proceeds from different fields, contributing to a large net of national and international contacts. Lat knows how, where and who are the partners to develop business from Argentina.
3,500 km. from north to south, 1,500 across, from the tropic to Antarctica, from the seas to the deserts, from the mountains to the rivers. People of the most varied origins make Argentina a country rich in food, raw materials, tourism, ecology, culture and above all, quality.

Lat is the way to buy and sell Argentine products.

Quality Recognized in the World
Argentina is well-known in the most demanding markets for the manufacturing and production of top quality raw materials: cereals, citric fruits, jams, minerals, oleaginous crops, soy and meat which are products that Argentina exports to the world.

Competitive Advantage
Due to a new economic policy, an important reduction in costs, and the large industrial and productive regions, Argentina characterizes itself for being at present, a country with extremely competitive prices.