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Nowadays, there is a growing tendency in the world towards natural and quality products, which transmit the aromas and flavors of other regions and cultures.
Fine wines, extra virgin olive oil, vinegars and seasonings, special cheeses (goat, smoked, and buffalo mozzarella), smoked trout and salmon, berry jams, herbs and spices, honey, preserves and pickles…all form part of the supply of Argentine products for the international market of fine foods.
The national identity and fundamentally its "local" character are value added to the following regional products:

- Alfajores (cookies with different fillings)
- Dulce de leche (milk jam)
- Yerba mate (Mate herb)
- Fruit jams, marmalade and jellies
- Honey
- Solid jams
- Cookies
- Preserved fruits
- Candy

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